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MySchool MyParent and I is a cloud - based school management platform specially designed for nursery, primary, secondary and tertiary institutions for effective administration, learning, teaching, collaboration and monitoring. MSMPI covers every aspect of school operations and ensure everyone work in a secure and safe environment.

MSMPI as an Administrative Tool

MSMPI is an administrative tool carefully designed to cater for all aspect of school administrative operation.

Who can use MSMPI?

MSMPI is designed for stakeholders such as School Proprietors, Principals, Teachers, Students and Parents/Guardians.

MSMPI as Cloud-Based ERP Solution

MSMPI is an integrated web-based platform for school management.

Why Choose MySchool MyParent and I?

MySchool MyParent and I has all you need to keep your institution running smoothly and efficiently.

Easy to Use

Simple and mobile friendly with intuitive user interface that will give better user experience.


Design to be flexible. MSMPI can be modify to meet your specific need.

Data Security

We applied industry and advanced security measures to protect your valuable data.

24/7 Support

With our friendly support staff, we are available 24/7 to attend to our customers needs. For FAQs and User Manuals please visit our Support Center

Unlimited User

Our service plans support unlimited users which help institutions to maintain fixed subscription cost as users increases.

Cost-effective and Scalable

Design and built to handle the growing amount of data in an institution with zero impact on performance.

Stay Connected

Stay connected with what is happening in your institution with notifications using SMS, emails and internal messages.

User Training

We offer user training to ensure optimum solution performance.


Staff Information Management

With MyShool MyParent and I, it easier to manage and access your employees information on the-go.

Student Information Management

Get quick access to all student records for both current and alumni. Easy access to student details such as achievement, disciplinary and health record, grades, parent information etc

School Information Management

Effectively Manage and monitor your school activities with ease anywhere and anytime.

Admission Management

Student registration and admission become easier with MSMPI solution.

Automated Result Processing

Access, process and compile error-free students result with MSMPI anytime and anywhere.

Attendance Management

Keep track of your students attendance in school. Generate weekly, monthly and termly reports.

Class Management

Create and manage multiple classes and arm according to your school unique structures.

SMS Notifications

Send personalize SMS updates on all aspect of a child education to their parent/guardian.


Integrated electronic payment gateway for easy payment of school fees and other levies.

Homework Management

Create and share homework, subject notes and learning resources with students.

Finance Management

Manage and track school financial record with ease. Set and assign fees, track full and part fees payment with ease. Record, view and generate expenses and budget report.

Inventory Management

Record and manage all school assets and stocks. Know the status and availability of school goods and stocks item.

Report Card Management

Track and access students academic report sheet for any term/session with ease. Generate error-free customize report cards and transcripts.

Behavioural Assessment & Achievement Report

Record, view and manage students behavioural progress, outstanding achievement, weekly academic performance and progress report.

Time Table Management

Create and manage time table for subject teachers and other employee across your institution.

Payroll Management

Record and manage employee's payroll with ease. Generate and export monthy payslips in PDF file format.

Roles Management

Manage and assign employee privileges based on their job role in the institution.

Library Management

Record and manage your institution books. access book information with ease.

Internal Messaging System

With our built-in internal messaging system which make administrative reporting easier and enable teachers, students and parents to send direct message and share files.

Computer Based Testing

With our robust computer based testing (CBT) module. Teachers can set online exam, students take the exam and instant result sheet is issued.

E-Notice Board

Updates such as news, announcements and events are disseminated via the e-Notice board.

Security & Data Privacy

MSMPI is a secure platform. With the use of advanced encryption technology, we ensure that data integrity is not compromise during data transfer.

Flexibility & Scalability

MSMPI is built in such a way that scalability and customization to meet user specific need is easy.

Our Approach

We Listen | We Customize | We Deploy | We Train | We Support

MSMPI for Administrators & Teachers

Technology is revolutionalizing the way schools approach administrative process. Schools are transiting from traditional way of handling academic and administrative operations to using technology to get work done faster.

MSMPI is carefully designed to reduced work load and enable administrative process done faster and easier.

Manage payroll and generate monthly payslips with ease.

Record and manage expenses.

Reduced cost on paper use.

Easy access to school records.

Remotely monitor school activities with ease.

Generate report for attendance, exam and continuous assessment.

Share homework, subject notes and learning resources with students.

Keep track of financial records such as tuition fees, other fees, payment receipts and invoice, pending invoice and part payments. Notify parents when tuition fees payment is due.

MSMPI for Parents & Students

Get involved in your ward's activities and follow up on their academic progress and access information you need easily.

Get instant notification on students academic activities.

Fast and easy fees payment on mobile or personal computer.

Get fast and easy access to students academic and financial record such as continuous assessment and exam grades, attendance, fees payment history, social behaviour, event and awards.

Effective communication between the school, parents and students.

Improved students digital knowledge with technology.

Get Access to tuition fees payment receipt and invoice with ease.

Security At MySchool MyParent and I

Data Security is critical concern to every customer, so we take your data privacy and confidentiality extremely serious. We applied industry - standard and best practices in protecting your institution and students data. We have several measures in place to protect unauthorized access.


Our services is always available with maximum uptime and speed. We partner with leading platform with core infrastructure and technologies to give you the best possible services. We perform routine backup of your data and ensure downtime is keep to a minimum. Any maintenance needed to be carry out that will disrupt service is announce in advance.


We do not share or sell your school or students academic and personal data. We ensure our support team does not have access to your information unless you invite them to help.

Data Encryption

In protecting your personal and financial data, we ensure that all data in transit that goes between you and MySchool MyParent and I servers is encrypted using indstry - standard TLS(Transport Layer Security).


We do not have access to your password as they are encrypted and do not store in our database in an unencrypted format. Ensure choosing strong password pattern and keep it secret.