What is MySchool MyParent and I?

MySchool MyParent and I is a cloud - based SaaS school management platform specially designed for nursery, primary, secondary and tertiary institutions for effective administration, learning, teaching, collaboration and monitoring. MSMPI covers every aspect of school operations and ensure everyone work in a secure environment.

MSMPI as an Administrative Tool

MSMPI is an administrative tool carefully designed to cater for all aspect of school operations.

MSMPI as Learning Management System

MSMPI is designed to aid teaching and learning.

MSMPI as Cloud-Based ERP Solution

MSMPI is an integrated web-based platform for school management.

Our Goal

1. To minimize the tedious task that take up school day.

2. Free up more time for teaching and learning.

3. Enhance School-Student-Parent engagement.

4. Promote technology-oriented culture in schools.

Switch Between all Schools in the Group

MSMPI as a multi-school management solution enable school administrators to centrally manage and switch between all schools in the group with ease.

Quick Insight to Financial Report

Have a better insight to your school financial reports as you monitor student fees payments, pending fees and other levies in real-time.

Engage Students with Learning Resources

Easily share homework, lesson notes, pre-recorded lesson videos and other learning resources with your students.

Our Approach

We Listen | We Customize | We Deploy | We Train | We Support