Adding your Child to your Account

Manage Multiple Kids in- One Account

To be able to access your child record, you must first add the child to your account and follow the system verification process (Parent – Child Relationship Verification). The system will verify that you are the parent of that child by sending verification code to your registered phone number and email (the phone number and email your account was registered with by the school). Enter the verification code send to your phone number and email in the box provided on the verification page and click the submit button. Once the verification is completed by the system. A notification message will display on the page, informing you that you have been confirmed as the child parent/guardian. You are now permitted to have access to the child record and information. We do this to ensure that only authorized parent/guardian have access to their child information.

How to Add your Child to your Acount

1. On the dashboard, click on Add Your Child tab

2. This action open a new page with a form.

3. Enter your child user id (Student Id) in the field provided.

4. Click on Submit button to proceed.

5. This action send verification code to the Phone Number and Email Address that was registered with your account by your child school and redirect you to new page.

6. Enter the verification code send to you in the field provided.

7. Click on Verify this code button to proceed: This action verify the code you entered and conplete the parent - child relationship verification.

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