MSMPI - BLOG | July 15, 2018

School Management System

School management system is a software that automate and streamline school administrative and academic processes, making it easier to keep records clean, organized and easy to retrieve. Teachers and administrators can easily record all event that affect each students, and parents can log into the system at anytime to view those records.


Improve communication between the school, the students and the parents.

Automated record keeping to improve teacher - parent engagement.

Reduce administrative resources, improve transparency and save cost on paper use.

Improve staff productivity by reducing work load and save time for other activities such as personal development, which in turn improve quality of teaching and standard of education provided in that institution.

Help parents connect easily with their ward's records in the school database. This enhances school - student - parent engagement which help to improve student's academic as their parent become more involved in their education.

Promote technology - oriented culture in schools.

Easy tracking of school daily event to improve decision making on school, staff and students management needs.

Ability to send automated messages to parents and students at classroom or school - wide level.

Help teachers, administrators and support staff to easily streamline their daily activities.

Generate report for class attendance, examination and continuous assessment with ease.

Easy tracking of school financial records such as incomes, budget and expenses.

Easy access to reports at school - wide, individual and classroom level.