Staff Information Management

Manage and access your employees information with ease on the-go.

Student Information Management

Get quick access to all student records for both current and alumni anytime and anywhere.

School Information Management

Effectively Manage and monitor your school activities with ease anywhere and anytime.

Admission Management

Student registration and admission become easier with MSMPI solution.

Automated Result Processing

Access, process and compile error-free students result with ease on desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile phone.

Attendance Management

Keep track of students attendance in school. Generate weekly, monthly and termly reports.

Class Management

Create and manage multiple classes according to your school unique structure.

SMS Notifications

Send personalize SMS updates on all aspect of a child education to their parent/guardian.


Integrated electronic payment gateway for easy payment of school fees and other levies.

Homework Management

Create and share homework, subject notes and learning resources with students.

Finance Management

Manage and track school financial record with ease. Set school fees and other levies, track school fees payment and pending fees with ease. Track expenses and budget reports.

Inventory Management

Manage all school assets. Know each of their status and who is in custody of any item.

Report Card Management

Track and access students academic report sheet for any term/session with ease. Generate error-free customize report cards and transcripts.

Behavioral Assessment & Achievement Report

Record, view and manage students behavioral progress, outstanding achievement, weekly academic performance and progress report.

Time Table Management

Create and manage time table for subject teachers and other employee across your institution.

Payroll Management

Record and manage employee's payroll with ease. Generate and export monthy payslips in PDF file format.

Roles Management

Manage and assign employee privileges based on their job role in the institution.

Library Management

Record and manage your institution books. access book information with ease.

Internal Messaging System

With our built-in internal messaging system which make administrative reporting easier and enable teachers, students and parents to send direct message and share files.

Computer Based Testing

With our robust computer based testing (CBT) module. Teachers can set online exam, students take the exam and instant result sheet is issued.

E-Notice Board

Updates such as news, announcements and events are disseminated via the e-Notice board.

Learning Management System

Manage classes online using our interactive learning tools. Schedule and manage virtual classroom, create online quiz, share pre-recorded lesson video and assignment with students.

Store Management

Set up an e-commerce store to enable parents purchase school recommended textbooks, school uniforms and learning materials directly from the school store. Manage stocks and know the quantity of stocks available in the store with ease.

Multi-School Management

Centrally manage and switch between schools with ease.

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