Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is MySchool MyParent and I?

MySchool MyParent and I is a cloud - based enterprise school management platform designed for nursery, primary, secondary and tertiary institutions for effective administration, learning, teaching, collaboration and monitoring. MSMPI cover every aspect of school process and operation and ensure everyone work in a secure and safe environment.

2. How do you protect my data?

Your data safety on MSMPI is guaranteed and is our top priority. In protecting your data, we ensure our service is hosted on secure cloud platform with core security infrastructure and technologies that meet best security requirement practices.

3. How does MySchool MyParent and I pricing work?

We charge a fixed subscription rate per term with no other costs. We have different service plan that suit your institution. We have a fixed FREE service plan for schools with maximum number of Two hundred students.

4. Do you offer training and support?

We offer different ways to get support, including via in - app ticketing system, email, phone and live chat. We have downloadable user manuals in our support center as well as a knowledge base articles to help our users know how each features works. Our support staff are available to answer any questions and will guide you through your school setup.

5. Do I need to install any software?

No. MySchool MyParent and I is a cloud - based application accessible through your browser. This means you can access it from any web enabled computer.

6. Is student information kept over the years?

Yes. You can see the personal and academic history of a student from the moment they join their school till they leave.

7. What happens to the information when a school unsubscribe to MySchool MyParent and I services or scholastic year is rolled-over?

All personal and academic historical data is kept and none of it is deleted. All the relevant users have access to their data.

8. Can teachers view confidential information?

MySchool MyParent and I is built on role - based access. Access role can be configured to your specific requirements. You decide who can view or edit what information.

9. Can I use MySchool MyParent and I as a parent?

Yes. You can only use MySchool MyParent and I if your child's school has sign up.

10. Can Parents pay tuition fees using the platform?

Yes. Parent can pay tuition fees on the platform with thier debit card, via bank transfer and mobile transfer using USSD.

11. Can MSMPI be of help during tuition fees drive?

Yes. Tuition fees payment reminder can be sent to parents, quoting the student name, the amount, the school year, the term and the class arm with a link to pay online.

12. Do I have to sign up for a fixed term?

Yes. Our service plans are on fixed term or fixed year contract. If you require any customizations, we assist sometime with no charges.

13. How can I pay for the subscription?

We have in-app electronic payment. We also accept payment via bank/mobile transfer.

14. Do you offer non subscription-based plan?

Yes. Our Enterprise Premium plan is specifically designed for non subscription-based client (schools). You can contact us for pricing and specific requirements you need.

15. How do I get started?

You can Create a free account for our One Term Free Trial. We will assist you to setup and import your data to test out our platform.

16. What browsers do you support?

We support recent versions of Safari, Firefox and Chrome as well as Internet Explorer 10 and above.

17. Can i customize MySchool MyParent and I to meet my school need?

Yes. The solution is built by WePros Communications developers. an indigenous software development company in Nigeria. We are able to tailor it on yor request to suit your specific needs. Please note certain customization may attract an extra charge.

18. Can i use MySchool MyParent and I to manage multiple schools?

Yes. MSMPI is a multi-school solution which can be use to manage several branches of one school.

19. Can the platform work as a Learning Management System?

Yes. The platform has Learning Management System features where teachers can monitor student progress and share homework, lesson note, pre-recorded lesson and create virtual classes for students.

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