How to Create Support Ticket

Step - by - step guide

Ticket is MSMPI in-app customer service support system that enable users to submit support request to support staff.

To Submit a ticket

1. Go to your dashboard; On the sidebar, click on Submit a ticket

2. This action opens new page with the form for sending new support ticket:

3. Enter the Subject of your request

4. Select type of support

5. Type the request you want to send in the box

6. Attach a file (if any)

7. Click the Submit request button to send your message

To View your Open Tickets and Support Staff Reply

1. Click on Open Ticket

2. This action open a new window with data table displaying your Open ticket history: click on the ticket you want to view support staff reply

3. This action opens new window displaying your case description and support staff reply

Read the support staff reply and take the steps offered to resolve your case; if the solution offered resolved your case, you can go ahead and Close Ticket but if not resolved your case, you can send reply to the support staff.

5. To Close Ticket

6. Click on Close Ticket; This action will display a message for ticket closure confirmation

7. Click Yes to continue

8. This action closes your support case and remove the ticket from Open Case list

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