Making Payment

How to Pay Tuition Fee

1. On the sidebar menu, click on Pay Tuition Fee tab

2. This action open a new page with a form where you can select the child you want to pay tuition fee for.

3. Select the Child you want to pay tuition fee for.

4. Click on Submit button to proceed.

5. This action redirect to new page with a form; enter the required details.

6. Enter the payer name into Paid By field

7. Select the Amount to pay

8. Select the Payment Option

9. Select the payment method Pay Via

10. Click the Proceed to payment button.

11. This action redirect to payment processing page.

12. Select from the PAY WITH options the payment channel that is convenience for you.

13. Enter the required details.

14. Click on the Pay button to proceed.

15. This action processess your payment and redirect to a new page where your transaction details and successful transaction message is display.

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