How to Submit Homework

How to Submit Homework

1. On the sidebar menu, click on Academic Book tab

2. This action open a new page with a form where you can select the homework folder.

5. Select the School Session you want to view.

6. Select the Term you want to view

7. Select the Class arm you want to view

8. Select the homework Folder

9. Click Submit button to proceed: This action open new page displaying all the homework shared for the selected school year, term and class arm.

10. Select the homework you want to submit and click on Submit Homework tab

2. This action open a new page with Answer Sheet where you can type in your answers.

6. Select your child Name Student Name you want to submit his/her homework.

7. Type in your answers in the Enter your answer here field.

8. Upload any image that is to be attached to the homemork (if any) Upload Image.

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