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MSMPI - BLOG | September 13, 2020

Coming Soon:
Learning Management System


MySchool MyParent and I is rolling out a great new feature that will enhance teaching and learning....

MSMPI - BLOG | July 15, 2018

School Management System


School management system is a software that automate and streamline school administrative and academic processes, making it easier to keep record....

MSMPI - BLOG | June 28, 2018

School Management System - Online Fees Payment


The world is now in a digital age and as such technology play an important role in making our lives much easier. In this digital age, technology provides easy method for student's fees payment through online payment platform....

MSMPI - BLOG | June 28, 2018

School Management System - Student's Result Processing

Result processing is a tedious task and time consuming with number of students and subjects for which the processing is done. It is highly sensitive operation because wrongly calculated or recorded result has serious implication and interpretation on student's academic performance....

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