PRODUCT UPDATE | September 13, 2020

Coming Soon:
Learning Management System

MySchool MyParent and I is rolling out a great new feature that will enhance teaching and learning. With our goal "Striving to free up more time for teaching, learning and promoting technology oriented - culture in schools", we are working round the clock to add this great feature to our product.

E-learning refers to learning and teaching using electronic media and requires the use of information and communication technologies combined with electronic media.

E-learning offers the ability to share material in all kinds of formats such as videos, slideshows, word documents, and PDFs. Conducting online classes and communicating with subject teacher via chat and message forums.

These days learners are well versed in the use of smartphones, text messaging and using the internet, so participating in and running an online course has become a simple affair. Message boards and various other means of online communication allow learners to keep in touch and discuss course-related matters, whilst providing for a sense of community.

MySchool MyParent and I e-learning module is another way subject teacher can engage their students in more interactive way outside classroom.

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