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COMPANY NEWS | June 13, 2018

WePros Communications launches School Management and Administration Platform for Nursery, Primary and Secondary Schools

We are excited to announces the launching of MySchool MyParent and I . MSMPI is an integrated web-based school management platform specially designed for nursery primary and secondary schools for effective learning, collaboration and monitoring. MSMPI cover every aspect of school operation and ensure everyone work in a secure and safe environment.

MSMPI has many exciting features that make school management easier, effective and efficient.



Academic Report Management

School Information Management

Staff Information Management

Report Card Management

Library/Book Management

Private Messenger

Student Behavioral Report

Time Table Management

Student Achievement Report

Flexibility & Scalability

Security & Data Privacy

Online Assessment & Examination

Online Teaching & Learning

Tuition Fees Payment processing

Using MySchool MyParent and I will enable school administrators manage their school effectively
and follow up school progress.