MSMPI - BLOG | June 28, 2018

School Management System - Student's Result Processing

Result processing is a tedious task and time consuming with number of students and subjects for which the processing is done. It is highly sensitive operation because wrongly calculated or recorded result has serious implication and interpretation on student's academic performance and determine whether the student will move to new class or not.

The end of subject grades assigned by subject teacher are intended to convey the level of performance of each student in the class. These grades are use to make different decisions, so therefore an efficient and accurate method or process is needed for result computation and processing.

As an educationist, we found out that result processing is very tedious task especially when done manually and when number of students is large, it is time consuming and more error prone. By the use of effective and robust school management system, the process however becomes easier and much more accurate.

To solve this challenge and reduce workload of subject teachers and class teachers, a robust and flexible school management system help you with result processing. You may ask how? This is very simple: you mark the scripts and enter the scores in the system and the system's result processing module will instantaneously compute the results for each students accordingly. This save huge amount of time and manpower, reducing the time and effort taken to manually compute the result.

An effective school management system can also generate customize printable and downloadable PDF report sheet for each student and can be set up to mail the report sheet directly to parents. Printing of report sheet for any term/school year by student or parent can be done just by logging in to their dashboard and select term/school year to be printed.